Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fresh Living Segment

Today I had the amazing opportunity to share some fun holiday makeup tips on one of our local afternoon news shows, Fresh Living. Watch it here I was so excited I could barley contain myself and at times thought I was going to pee my pants! But it flew by fast and by the time my time was up I was like "oh man I have so much more to say!" I will make a tutorial of what I was doing on the show so you will get to see the exact way to do a smokey eye or a berry lip. I was so rushed with the segment that I didn't feel like I got to properly tell all the steps. So to all the other makeup artist out there-I know I was lacking my angled brush for the shadow eyeliner(some how it rolled off the table) and I know I said foundation over lips instead of concealer,etc.. so before you slam me just know I know and I am red in the face because you are my peers and people I admire :) But when you are live and only have short amount of time you got'a work with what you have:) I love being able to share tips it's so rewarding and really how much better does it get (besides landing a national news program)! 
Thank you to KUTV Ch.2 for having me on the show and a huge thank you to the most wonderful producer ever Amanda Chamberlain!! Thanks to my friends over at Lash My World for providing myself and my gorgeous model/friend Shariana with fabulous lash extensions. Thank you to everyone over at Splendor Beauty Emporium for providing us w/ the newest Laura Mercier holiday collection. And thank you friends for your support and positive encouragement!! If you have any questions regarding the show or makeup tips lmk :)
Mary Ann

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