Thursday, March 10, 2011

Birds of a feather..

I'm sure you have seen girls (even guys) walking around with different colored extension pieces in their hair or have even thought they were earrings. Well those my friends are the latest craze, they are FEATHER HAIR EXTENSIONS!! Who said feathers are just for birds!! This is such a fun way to add some flare to your normal hair do. They are very simple and fast to install, it is the same installation method as a micro-bead extension. They're cool too because you can wash, blow dry and heat style the feathers just like you would your own hair! They are very low maintenance and look good on everyone young or young at heart!
Come and get them done by me(if you live in SLC, UT-if not you can fly me out to you!haha)!!! I do a cluster of 3 feathers to one bead or a cluster of 5 feathers to 0ne bead- you get to pick your colors.. 
Please contact me via email for pricing and to set up an appt! Hurry to get the colors you want because these are going fast!
Get your feather on!!
Colors I currently carry this is the bold color set.
You wont find these around- this is the tie-dyed set.
These are the natural/grizzly set.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2news Good Morning Utah segment two-time to restock!

We tossed out our old used makeup in segment one and feel awesome!! So for segment two we are restocking on makeup!! Woohoo! Now don't be scared you don't have to spend bookoo bucks on new makeup. I am going to show you some great drug store picks along with some really great basics to splurge on from Sephora.
With these everyday makeup essentials, you can say good bye to a cluttered makeup kit! 
foundation with options of: liquid, cream to powder, mineral, tinted moisturizer and concealer(which should be used prior to foundation used under eyes, around your nose and any red spots or blemishes)
eyeliner and bronzer
blush and lip gloss or tinted chap stick
mascara, a good nutral eye shadow pallet is great for every day, and of course sunblock!! I should have listed this 1st but didn't think about that when taking the pics.
Fun picks to splurge on!! These are great for a natural look! Tinted moisturizer from Clinique with sunblock. Benefit's Hoola bronzer-love this for a healthy glow. Nars blush in Orgasm- perfect pop of pink with out being to dramatic. Top it all off with some mascara-I love Benefit's Bad Gal Lash or Dior's Show mascara. I forgot lip gloss!! I love love Mac's's got a pinky hue that looks fun and girly:)

Have fun shopping for new makeup!!!


Good Morning Utah.. time to clear out your old makeup!!

Last week I had two segments on KUTV Ch.2 morning news(here in Utah). For the first segment I figured it's almost spring and I should talk about spring cleaning your makeup! Everyone has makeup they don't use and even makeup that has traveled with them since they can remember... Well it's time to clean out your makeup bags ladies!! Not only is saving every piece of old unused makeup a waste of space it is also a breeding ground for bacteria! If you don't remember how long you've had it you've had it too long. Old makeup and dirty applicators can cause infection or irritation. Plus tossing out old makeup means new makeup-yeay!! 
                                               Here's how long you should keep your makeup:
Three months: mascara and liquid liners
 Six months: eye creams, eye foundations/concealers/base, cream eye shadows, any other cream or gel base for eyes, face powders which have had brushes or sponges in contact with the product, foundations that are cream or cake
One year: liquid foundations, cream/gels, moisturizer, concealer used on face providing it is in a tube and does not have an applicator
 18-24 months: lipgloss
 Two years: lip liner, lipstick, powder, cake blush, bronzer, eye shadows

Also you are going to want to take a look at your makeup applicator tools. Are they sufficient? Dirty? Floating around in the bottom of a drawer or bag?  These become dirty and bacteria filled quickly. Toss out any used sponge applicators that came with the makeup and invest in some good washable brushes. This way you can extend the life of your makeup by eliminating the amount of bacteria and oils you introduce to it. Get a brush bag to keep them organized and clean. Clean brushes and makeup as needed. Clean eyeliner by rubbing an alcohol soaked cotton ball over the pencil and sharpening the tip completely. Clean brushes in anti-bacterial soap or a mild shampoo. Make sure to rinse well until they are clean. 
I hope this motivates you all to clean out your makeup! :)