Sunday, January 16, 2011


I was so excited when I was asked to work on the ESPN Body Issue 2010. This issue is not just about nudity but exemplifies the meaning of a true athlete. These athletes work extremely hard for their physiques and are all the most determined disciplined deserving  people. They are winners, they are Olympians. 

The shoot took place in Park City, Utah at the Olympic Park, ski Jump facility, bobsled track and Guardsman's Pass.

The athlete I got to work with is U.S Olympic Bobsled Gold Medalist Steve Holcomb. He is bigger than life and one of the sweetest funniest guys I've ever met. Steve was so nice he let me wear his GOLD MEDAL!! I was so excited to just see and hold the gold medal but to wear it!!?! I feel so lucky!! The medal was heavier than I expected and just gorgeous! I was not only in charge of doing his hair and makeup but I was in charge of "holding the robe". I'm sure dropping his robe and posing in the buff in front of a bunch of strangers isn't the easiest thing in the world. I hand it to Steve for keeping his humor and his head held high in 50 degree weather. AND I promise I didn't look ;)

Along with working with Steve I got to work with the amazingly talented photographer Patrick Hoelck. Patrick has shot most of the "who's who" of  Hollywood but didn't have an ounce of ego to show for it. He is actually one of the biggest smartass' so needless to say we clicked instantly :)

Thanks Steve, Patrick and your amazing team and THANK YOU to Derrick over at ESPN!! 

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  1. Hi Mary Ann:

    Just curious if all three photos that are shown here were actually published. I recognize the last one shown above but just seeing the other two for the first time.

    Any chance of seeing the other two photos unedited? ;)