Thursday, March 10, 2011

Birds of a feather..

I'm sure you have seen girls (even guys) walking around with different colored extension pieces in their hair or have even thought they were earrings. Well those my friends are the latest craze, they are FEATHER HAIR EXTENSIONS!! Who said feathers are just for birds!! This is such a fun way to add some flare to your normal hair do. They are very simple and fast to install, it is the same installation method as a micro-bead extension. They're cool too because you can wash, blow dry and heat style the feathers just like you would your own hair! They are very low maintenance and look good on everyone young or young at heart!
Come and get them done by me(if you live in SLC, UT-if not you can fly me out to you!haha)!!! I do a cluster of 3 feathers to one bead or a cluster of 5 feathers to 0ne bead- you get to pick your colors.. 
Please contact me via email for pricing and to set up an appt! Hurry to get the colors you want because these are going fast!
Get your feather on!!
Colors I currently carry this is the bold color set.
You wont find these around- this is the tie-dyed set.
These are the natural/grizzly set.

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